Paddling for education and environment.

This trip has several objectives that we would like to share with all of you. Our idea is to paddle for support for those who really need it, this time we wont paddle for records. The truth is that we never made the attempt to achieve one, maybe in our next expedition.

We have three strong main objectives:

-Support for rural schools.
In rural schools not only education takes place. Far away from all sometimes lost in the middle of mountains, between rivers or just alone in the fields, these multi purpose buildings also feed children and take care of them. This happens thanks to great teachers, people that really love what they do and have pure vocation. Also thanks to many other people that are always helping with donations.
"Next to nutrition, education is the first need of a community" taken from:
We decided that we could change our miles, pictures, stories and everything for support. Its our best way to help, doing what we know best, paddling! We are counting on everyone, but its not easy for people living outside Argentina. Maybe we should consider this objective on a local scale but if you think you can help contact us !

Things that anyone can do or send to us:
- Clothes.
- Books and school elements.
- Buy our t-shirt.
- Donate money.
- Shoes
- Just help the rural schools ONGs:

-Concious minds for clean ecosystems.
Our country has several environmental problems. Our intention is to generate conscience and make people understand that we can solve any problem if we act! So we´ll be showing the awfull truth of some endangered ecosystems, condenmed animals and plants, polluted air, water and earth.
We have a full section for this objective in the spanish blog, to visit it click here.

-Going the distance and enjoy as much as possible.
This objective is quite simple, we are not in a hurry so the idea is to enjoy every moment, the difficult and the easy days, surfing, taking pictures to animals and places, and all the things that you can imagine when you are on a trip.
And apart from all..... we want to get to USHUAIA!

As secondary objective we will film to produce a short movie for promotion. Any requests? Pictures of certain animals, places or people? just let us know:

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